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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Official Trailer

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With a short delay I present you the official trailer to Burton's upcoming movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Please, enjoy!

19 Feb 2012 by Miverel

New Frankenweenie images

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Rendered in 3D, Burton's Frankenweenie hits the cinemas on October 5th, 2012. Still some time to go, but today you can see some new images from the movie.
Frankenweenie is being made with stop-motion technique. Also many artists from Burton's Corpse Bride are involved.
I cannot wait to see the result! Can you?

17 Jan 2012 by Miverel

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter images

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Hello, dear Tim Burton fans! Sorry for the delay in writing news but the college session is ahead! But let's get down to business! I have some great stills (from Entertainment Weekly) and one new poster from upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie.
Hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did!

17 Jan 2012 by Miverel

Visit on Frankenweenie's set

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Have you wondered lately what's going on with Burton's upcoming Frankenweenie movie? Shock till you drop has some answers for you! They visited the set of the production and wrote a quite long relation from the sightseeing!
"[Our setting] is a California suburb sometime between 1965 and 1975," says art director Tim Browning. "There's no real specific date but, from a design point of view, you approach it much the same as any other period drama. You do the research and try to find all the details of the architecture. Of course, on a project like this we have the luxury of making everything and having complete control. In live action, you have to rely very heavily on locations, purchased props and hired props. Here, you make every single thing."
To read more visit this page.
18 Dec 2011 by Miverel

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Posters

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Premiere of the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, based on the book with the same title, is set for June 22, 2012. But today you can see two new movie posters below!

18 Dec 2011 by Miverel

Flight of Burton's B.Boy

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It's been some time since the 85th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I hope many of you had the chance to see the Burton's creation - B.Boy - with your own eyes. For those who missed the event I have a video from the parade. Enjoy!
18 Dec 2011 by Miverel

Tim Burton from the '80s

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This is the power of the internet! Recently a interesting video showed up! It's a short clip from The Disney Animation Studio, showing Tim Burton during his work. It was taken in the '80s.
The guy at the beginning of the video is Randy Cartwright and the guy holding the camera is John Lasseter (now in Pixar). Burton's behaviour is, hmmm, quite strange, but isn't the personality we love him so much for? ;) Enjoy!
18 Nov 2011 by Miverel

Happy Halloween

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This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween

Happy Halloween, dear Tim burton fans! I hope this night will be full of excitement, joy and fun! Of course with huge dose of spookiness!
I wish you'll have scariest costumes, frightened neighbors and tons of candies! Don't forget to watch some of Tim Burton's movies! Happy Halloween 2011!
31 Oct 2011 by Miverel

Burton's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon

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Are you a fan of parades and annual celebrations? I have a good news for all Tim Burton fans! On this year's Thanksgiving Parade you'll have the chance to see a extraordinary balloon, creaded by Burton himself!
“There’s always been something about balloons. You see them deflated, and you see them floating. There’s something quite beautiful and tragic and sad and buoyant and happy, all at the same time,” says Burton.
B.Boy, because that's the name of Tim's creation, has even his own storyline:
"B.Boy was stitched together from rejects of old birthday party balloons."

Are you attending the parade to see Burton's creation? Book your time on Thursday, November 24th, 2011 from 9am to 12pm EST.
More info about the Thanksgiving Parade: HERE.
24 Oct 2011 by Miverel
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