Webmistress and Crew


Nick: Miverel
Country: Poland
Age: 22
Bitrth: 5th August 1990
Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Mail: miverel@gmail DOT com , raburesu@o2 DOT pl
Status: main webmistress, graphic designer, site builder, everything ;)
Colour: black, red, silver, violet
Animal: cat, snake, dragon, rat
Music: Rock, Psychedelic, J-Music, Electro, Alternative, Classical
Favourite artist: Waterhouse, Mucha, Füssli, Munch, Tenniel
Favourite poet or writer: Goethe, Poe, Carroll, Rowling, Tolkien, Mickiewicz, Słowacki, Masterton, Christie, Doyle
Love: Harry Potter books, Snape x Lupin, manga, antiques, music, CLAMP, books, drawing, bishonens, Japan, pairings and shippers, mithology, fantasy, alchemy, making designs, E.A.Poe, jewelery, PotC, piercing, horrors, history, art, consoles & games
Hate: cowards!, whales, betrayal, unfaithful friends, yellow and orange colour

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